Monday, March 19, 2012

Strawberry picking- March 2012

Strawberry picking was fabulous this year!  We picked close to 40 gallons of strawberries within 4 trips to the farm.  We froze, canned, dipped in chocolate, and just plain ate most of them.  Some we had to share, of course... :D

The weather was fabulous and the berries were juicy and big. The Thompsons went with us on one of our picking days.  Josiah and Isaac are in the distance looking for the biggest berry, Jacob is almost swallowed up in the field, and Ben looks to be not walking on water... but strawberries... Fun!

Sophie especially had fun... Most of her berries didn't quite make it into her bucket!

We went home happy, dirty, and tired!

Praise God for sunshine, farmers, and "berry" full little girls...

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Location:Berry Bay Farms

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